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Note: Due to the dynamic nature of digital media, archived examples and screenshots are provided below in cases where the original content is on longer available online or has ungone significant redesign that no longer reflects my work.
Data Visualization Work @ CUNY Graduate Center

LLM Prompt Pilot (ChatGPT, Google Gemini, Claude)

Large language model tool for customizing AI responses. | view tool »

NYPD Crime Stats

Interactive Map | view map »
New York City College of Technology - City Tech CUNY

Video Promotions

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2022-2023 | more info »
CBS Local Media / CBS Television Stations Digital Media

CBS Local Media

30 Markets | more info »

Training & Standards

Production Tools | more info »

Digital TV & Radio

90+ stations | more info »
Journal Interactive / JSOnline / JRN

Award Winning Site or Project

JS Online Design

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OnWisconsin LIVE

Entertainment | more info »

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Harley-Davidson 100th

Event Guide | more info »

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Packer Insider Design

Premium Content | more info »

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Millennial Life | more info »

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Award Winners

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Published Writing Samples
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Metromemetics & Other Projects


Media Studies | go to live site »

DNC & RNC Video Blogs

Aug./Sept. 2008 | more info »

NABJ Convention '02

July 2002 | view screenshot »